Ride sharing

“There’s a total disconnect between our sport and what’s happening with climate change. We know it’s a high impact sport. From a karma perspective, the ski industry should be at the fore of the fight against global warming.”

  • Jamie Shectman, Mountain Riders Association.

One way of reducing our carbon footprint is to car pool. Hopefully this page will help you connect with others in your area to share rides.

(Falls Creek charges an entry fee to access the resort, so ride sharing also helps you keep your costs down).


Write a comment below, briefly stating whether you need or can offer a ride, what day you’re leaving (and where from) and when you’re heading home, plus your contact details. Eg

RIDE OFFERED, MELBOURNE (from northern suburbs). Leaving Friday arvo, returning Sunday. Room for 2 people. Steve 0400000000.

If you sort a ride, you’re welcome to email me and I will remove your post so you don’t get multiple calls. cam.walker@foe.org.au

We will leave it to you to sort out details on cost sharing, etc for your trip.

Even better – take the bus!

If you’re staying in the village or camping out on the Bogong High Plains, then the bus is the ‘least fuss’ option. A number of bus companies service Falls Creek during winter.

Falls Creek Coach Service offers a bus service from Melbourne to Falls Creek, as well as the Melbourne airport (Tullamarine), Albury/Wodonga and Adelaide. There is also a regular shuttle service from Mt Beauty to Falls Creek and a community bus from Mt Beauty to Falls on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Please check here for full details.

One thought on “Ride sharing

  1. RIDE OFFERED, MELBOURNE (from Brunswick). Leaving Friday afternoon, returning Sunday. Room for 2 people if happy to sit close to one another as boards/skis will be inside the car. Faith 0406585463.


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