Getting to the festival

“There’s a total disconnect between our sport and what’s happening with climate change. We know it’s a high impact sport. From a karma perspective, the ski industry should be at the fore of the fight against global warming.”

  • Jamie Shectman, Mountain Riders Association.

One way of reducing our carbon footprint is to car pool or catch a bus. Hopefully this page will help you connect with others in your area to share rides to the festival.

(Mt Hotham charges an entry fee for cars, so ride sharing also helps you keep your costs down).


Write a comment below, briefly stating whether you need or can offer a ride, what day you’re leaving (and where from) and when you’re heading home, plus your contact details. Eg

RIDE OFFERED, MELBOURNE (from northern suburbs). Leaving Friday arvo, returning Sunday. Room for 2 people. Steve 0400000000.

If you sort a ride, you’re welcome to email me and I will remove your post so you don’t get multiple calls.

We will leave it to you to sort out details on cost sharing, etc for your trip.

Even better – take the bus!

There is a ride sharing facebook group for Mt Hotham called Carpool to Falls Creek and Mt Hotham.

There are a couple of options to get public transport to Hotham.

A main PT connection is from Melbourne. The longer but cheaper option is train to Wangaratta, then get the VLine bus to Bright, then the Omeo to Bright Alps link bus. Timetable available here. And check here for the Omeo to Bright Alps Link.

The quicker option is to catch the Snowball Express, which leaves from Southern Cross Station, then goes via Tullamarine airport to Hotham and Dinner Plain. Costs and timetable here.

Snowball Express also offers a ‘Park and Ride’ option, where you can leave your car in Harrietville and catch the bus up the mountain. Details here.

Extra info on buses available here.