Get involved

This is a volunteer event. We welcome your ideas on how we can make it a great day. If you have a skill relevant to being in the backcountry, and can offer your time, please get in touch. We hope to engage a range of people, from ‘first timers’ who normally ski or ride in resort, or day tourers who might be thinking about doing overnight trips, so we want to be able to offer a range of events, from the mellow to the hard core.

The draft program is here. There are obviously many things we could still offer. A few ideas:

  • would you be interested in taking people on a ski tour? You would obviously need to feel confident to manage a group in the backcountry to lead a trip
  • would you be interested in offering a snow shoe tour?
  • do you know a source of splitboards for hire?
  • would you like to lead a group to ski in resort (and maybe also take them to some slightly out of the way terrain)?
  • would you be interested in running a session on how to make a snow cave or igloo?
  • would you be able to offer an early morning yoga session (maybe at Windy Corner shelter)?
  • would you like to show people how to set up camp in the snow?
  • would you like to offer a skillshare session on navigating in the backcountry?
  • do you have an Australian made film about a backcountry adventure we could show in the evening?
  • do you want to run a backcountry safety or beacon search practice session?
  • are you interested in helping us organise a ski-mountaineering race on the sunday?
  • are you a photographer and happy to document the day?

Any ideas or offers of workshops/ tours/ skillshares relevant to the backcountry would be most welcome. Please get in touch.

0419 338 047.


Invite your mates: facebook page for the event here.