Avalanche training at the 2020 backcountry festival

Avalanche training is a must if you venture out of bounds, off the trails or into the backcountry. Once again, Alpine Access Australia is the backcountry festival partner, delivering 2 day Avalanche Skills Training (AST1), which are accredited by Avalanche Canada. These will happen before and after the 2020 festival.

Details here.

AST1 is a two day course – 1 day in the classroom (operating from the Snowbird in Hothm Central), and 1 day out in the backcountry.

What you will learn in an AST 1 course:

  • avalanche formation and release
  • identify avalanche terrain
  • the basics of trip planning
  • optimal use of tools and resources like the avalanche forecasts to mitigate your avalanche risk
  • use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain
  • companion rescue using beacon, shovel, probe

We also incorporate into the field day of our course an emphasis on backcountry touring technique, safe touring in the Australian backcountry and touring etiquette.  The participants on our courses are always a diverse group with one main thing in common, a passion for the mountains and a desire to learn the skills and knowledge to be safe in the backcountry.  This makes for a fun, stimulating & challenging two days.

Course dates:
Hotham – Snowbird Inn/ Hotham Sidecountry

Sat/Sun 29-30 August HOTHAM
Tue/Wed 1-2 September HOTHAM
Thu/Fri 3-4 September HOTHAM
Mon/Tue 7-8 September HOTHAM

AAA also offer AST 1 courses at Mt Stirling and the Snowy Mountains Main Range as well as a backcountry guiding service. Check here for all details and to register interest or book for a course.


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