Support fire affected towns by booking your festival accomodation

As we all know, this summer’s fires had a devastating impact on large sections of the Victorian High Country. It also had enormous impacts on the economy in places like Dinner Plain, Hotham, Harrietville and Bright.

Now that the mountains are ‘open for business’ I hope you can get up there and spend some money supporting local businesses.

There is another obvious way you can help. If you’re going to attend this year’s backcountry festival at Hotham (September 4 – 6) and need to organise accommodation, why not book and pay for it now? For many businesses that have had no or much reduced income through a lot of the summer, every little bit helps.

The following is from the Snowline Hotel:

If you’d like to help The Harrietville Snowline Hotel survive we are putting out an appeal to all our friends & fans . We don’t want charity, we don’t want government handouts (well…we’ll take them if they’re there) but we do have something to sell. 

If you’d like to help our business and our little town get back on the road to recovery the best thing you could do is book a future stay with us… DIRECT on our website! Use the promo code ‘shop2support’ to unlock a 5% discount on future prepaid accommodation for your favourite time of year. 

To Book DIRECT go to our website

Booking direct ensures that your money does not go offshore to a big international Online Travel Agent and will help us keep the doors open till winter! 

This is offer only available for all bookings received before the end of March so jump on it now and feel free to share with all your mates! 


Check here for ideas on finding accommodationin the Dinner Plain/ Hotham/ Harrietville area during the festival.

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