Backcountry festival – get together, planning session and film night

As you will probably know, we have turned the 2020 Victorian backcountry festival into a three day event, from Friday – Sunday Sept 4, 5 and 6 at Mt Hotham. Things will kick off on Friday morning so hopefully you can make a long weekend out of it and come up on the thursday. After receiving strong positive feedback, we will be running another guided trip straight after the festival, probably to Mt Bogong.

Quite a lot of people have expressed interest in getting involved in planning the 2020 festival.

So, if you’re in Melbourne, please come along to this BC Festival get together.

Wednesday March 4.

Venue: Upstairs at Friends of the Earth, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. Enter via the side, on Perry Street, and head up the stairs.

Time: We’ll start at 6.30pm, have a quick chat about how you can get involved in the 2020 backcountry festival (a series of working groups will be set up, each taking on different parts of the festival like the touring program, the speakers program, the outdoor bar, etc).

Get involved in organising the 2020 festival: Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm about what you want to contribute next year to make it bigger and better.

Then from 7.15 til 8.30pm (ish) we will drag a few classic backcountry films out of the vault and enjoy on the big screen (ingredients likely to contain Jeremy Jones).

Please feel free to BYO drinks. Free event.

Facebook page available here.

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