Volunteers needed at the festival

The backcountry festival is a 100% volunteer organised festival. It is the product of a lot of good will from people in the backcountry community and the businesses and organisations that have come on board in some way.

There will be various jobs on the day where we will need some help:

Set up at the festival hub. We will be setting up the demo tents and stalls outside The General from 7.30am on Saturday. A few extra hands to help would be great.

Set up and pack down the outdoor bar. The bar will be at Christmas Lookout. We will have a snow kat, provided by resort management, to get the bar and food stalls in and set up. It would be great to have a few extra hands to do the pack in and make the place gorgeous. From 3pm saturday.

Tunes at the outdoor bar. Does anyone want to do music at the bar? Just a play list and portable sound system would do the job. (Remember, you will be judged by your peers, so make sure its suitably cool).

Support people for tours – I’m looking for a few extra people who are happy to do backup/ tailgate on tours. If you might be keen, please get in touch.

Would you like to offer a tour on Saturday? All the intermediate to advanced tours on Saturday are full. If you wanted to offer to lead a tour, please get in touch asap.

Audio visual support. We have the speaker’s session on saturday afternoon (noon – 4pm), and it would be great to have someone around who can get the presentations from the speakers onto the system at The General. Additionally we have films and presentations at The Bird on sunday night (6.30 – 9.30pm) and be great to have someone who can manage the visuals.


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