Splitboarding program at the Backcountry Festival

The Mt Hotham area provides fantastic terrain for split boarding, with a mix of touring, resort accessible side country and fantastic bigger slopes. We are delighted to be able to offer a mix of beginner and intermediate/ advanced split boarding workshops and tours as part of the festival this year.

Please check the program for full details and bookings.

Please also remember to register for the festival. Its only $10 per person for the weekend.



Lets Split day tour for splitboarders presented by Amine Yasmine.

Date – September 7th

Location – Razorback Ridge. This is an all day trip with an early start.

NB: this is now booked out but you can ask to go on the wait list.


Intro to the basics of Split Boarding Practical Session with Girls Who Split Kelly, Mia and Lisse

Open to gals and guys of all ages.

Minimum snowboarding skills – Intermediate.

Fitness level – Medium.

Meeting Point – Top of Blue Ribbon Lift 10.00am


There is also a session offered at  2pm as part of the speakers program, which will happen upstairs at The General in the afternoon.

Girls Who Split Information and Q&A Session with Kelly van den Berg, Mia Walker and Lisse

Come and share the adventures and tales of three split boarding gals across diverse ages as they tell their stories from various destinations around the world and the experiences of women in the backcountry. The girls will also bring in their personal gear to talk about, ranging from split boarding basics, avalanche and safety gear, communications and navigation to snowboarding mountaineering equipment.



Intro to Split boarding Tour to Mount Loch with Girls Who Split Kelly, Mia and Lisse

Open to gals and guys of all ages. Trip to the Mt Loch area.

Minimum snowboarding skills – Intermediate

Fitness level – Medium

Meeting Point – Loch Carpark 9.00am – 4.00pm


Advanced splitboard – Machinery Spur or Workshop Chutes

A typical lift-assisted backcountry tour in the area immediately around Hotham’, led by Daniel Sherwin.


8 hours (0830 to 1630)


Gotcha chair, 0830 for first uplift.


And the Feathertop trip (3 days from Sept 9 til 11) is suitable for intermediate to advanced split boarders. Details here.

1 Comment

  1. Hi, would like to book in for one of the splitboard programs at the backcountry festival but can not seem to find where on the web site. Also interested in the 3 day fearthertop tour as well. Have registered for the festival amd looking very forward to it. If you can help me get booked in fir a splitborad program tha would be aewsome. Cheers Joshua Kynaston

    FROM CAM: Hi Joshua. The leader of the Feathertop trip is Daniel> daniel@cogna.com.au
    You book into tours via the program page> https://backcountry-festival.com/festival-program/
    (scroll to the bottom of the program for full details on the Feathertop trip)


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