Cross country & telemark program at the festival

The Victorian backcountry festival aims to offer experiences across all human powered outdoor winter sports, including split boarding, alpine touring, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and telemarking.

We have a great cross section of tours offered for people to learn cross country or telemark skiing.

Here are the sessions being offered. Please check the program for full details and to register.

Beginners Telemarking lesson on Saturday, skilling people up for an intermediate tour Sunday.

Beginners cross country lesson

Tele focused tour (in the summit area)

Cross Country (XC) skiing 101 for absolute beginners

Beginners cross country lesson

XC ‘half piste’ tour for beginners+ to intermediate (have XC skied at least a few times), on track and close to the village ‘side country’

Introductory backcountry tour, hosted by Melbourne Nordic Ski Club, to the Mt Loch area





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