Feathertop tour, Sept 9 – 11

The second Victorian Backcountry festival will be held at Hotham resort over the weekend of September 7 and 8. Alpine Access Australia will be delivering 2 day avalanche safety courses before, during and after the festival. This year we have also added a post festival trip, lead by Daniel Sherwin, which aims to ski/ ride lines in the Feathertop area.

This three day trip is only for experienced and fit, intermediate to advanced people. You will need your own ski or splitboarding gear, and be outfitted to be ready for camping. There will be a briefing the evening before the trip starts (Sunday September 8) for all participants at The Bird in Mt Hotham village.

Feathertop offers some of the most remarkable alpine terrain in Australia. Check below for all details.


Group leaders

Daniel Sherwin



0700 Monday 9 September to 1700 Wednesday 11 September

Where and what

This trip is intended for people who want to ski/ ride with a group of experienced people. The Razorback and Mt Feathertop provide some of the steepest and most exposed alpine terrain in the state. You will need to have the skills and gear to ski the Razorback. Camp will be below treeline close to the Feathertop peak. The aim is to ski/ ride lines in the Feathertop area. Final decisions will be taken by the group depending on conditions on the day.

Preliminary group meeting and gear check, 1600 Sunday at The Snowbird in Hotham village.

Meet at Diamantina hut parking space on Monday morning, touring across the Razorback to Mt Feathertop.


Intermediate, very fit.


  • Ski or splitboard touring equipment including spares
  • Ski crampons highly recommended (a number of spots on the Razorback are more easily negotiated with crampons, particularly for splitboarders with soft boots)
  • Boot crampons and ice axe suggested for steep access on Feathertop itself
  • Avalanche beacon, shovel and probe (those planning to undertake touring on Feathertop should be familiar with use of this equipment and with the principles of safe backcountry travel)
  • Food and water for the duration plus some contingency (water may be melted from snow at campsite)
  • Shelter (4 season tent recommended, backup emergency bivy also recommended) and sleep system (sleeping bag with a minimum comfort rating of -8°C or better, mat suitable for snow camping)
  • Personal cooking equipment. Extra fuel is recommended to offset the potential need to melt snow.
  • Spare clothing
  • Personal first aid supplies
  • Any other supplies or equipment necessary for self sufficiency in the backcountry

Maximum group size

20 – second leader/tail guide will be necessary above 10 persons


Mt Feathertop is one of the most picturesque peaks and offers excellent ski touring from it’s peaks and along the Razorback. Participants should be very fit and capable of undertaking long days of snow travel. Care should be taken by all tourer’s in the area as weather, icy conditions and avalanches have all claimed lives in the past.


The participants of the group are responsible for their own safety. We will liaise with Victoria Police. However, participants need to understand that this is serious terrain, and they join the group at their own risk.

At the very least we would recommend that you ensure your ambulance subscription is up to date.

Group leaders are volunteers and are not liable for any injuries that may result doing the trip.




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