snow camp at Roper Lookout

Some people are intending to set up camp for the weekend above snow line near Roper Lookout, which is a 30 – 40 minute ski from Falls Creek resort.

We won’t know the exact location until we scope the conditions out the week before the festival.

You would be welcome to join us.

My plan is to ski in on Thursday (Aug 30th). If you’re planning to come out please let me know via email or text, and let me know if you need a hand getting out there. 0419 338 047.

You could also post below in the COMMENT section, saying when you’re heading in, in case you want to find some buddies to share the trip (and potentially the drive) with.

You will need:

  • Tent and sleeping gear for the snow
  • Headlamp
  • Stove, fuel and food (remember you will need to melt snow for water so bring a good supply of fuel)
  • A snow shovel is handy for digging a platform
  • Maybe something to make the place festive! Like some lanterns for the trees? Be creative.
  • Could I recommend you take your human waste out with you? You really just need a robust ‘tupperware’ style container with side clips, plus a couple of brown paper bags plus TP. Bit of background info here:

Where is it?

If you look across the valley from the Nordic Centre at Windy Corner, you will see a dark rocky point on the other side. This is Roper Lookout. To get there you follow the Bogong High Plains road past the gate, and the Nordic bowl, and you veer left (staying on the main road) as you get close to Rocky Valley Dam.

Stay on the BHP road, cross the dam wall, and then turn left on the other side where there is a prominent info display and small shelter. Hopefully there will be a skin track but basically you just need to traverse, always staying high rather than dropping into the valley.

Allow up to 40 minutes for the trip.

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