The Journey Begins

September 1st, 2018. Backcountry festival at Falls Creek.

Its months til winter. But we’re starting to plan the first Australian backcountry festival.

It has grown out of World Telemark Day gatherings that have been happening at Mt Hotham in north eastern Victoria each September.

This year we have moved to Falls Creek resort and broadened the focus to cover all forms of human and gravity powered backcountry travel, including telemark skiing, split boarding, cross country, snow shoeing and alpine touring.

The day – to be held on September 1st 2018 – will feature clinics and sessions covering ‘all things backcountry’, with a party at night.

We’re also looking into some events for the sunday. Details will be posted on the site once they’re confirmed.

Lock in the date, have a think about how you’d like to be involved, invite your mates, and hopefully we will see you in September.

All true paths lead through mountains. — Gary Snyder

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