Our mascot – the Mountain Pygmy-possum

Our ‘mascot’ (or maybe totem animal?) for the festival is the Mountain Pygmy-possum, Burramys parvus, Australia’s only hibernating marsupial.

It is a small, mouse-sized nocturnal marsupial found in dense alpine rock screes and boulder fields, mainly southern Victoria and around Mount Kosciuszko. The species is currently restricted to three isolated mountain regions:  Mount Blue Cow in Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales, Mount Bogong and Mount Higginbotham/Loch in the Bogong High Plains in Victoria, and Mount Buller in Victoria.

Check here for some extra background on the possum and how you can help this iconic species.

“Mountains are the beginning and end of all natural scenery” – John Ruskin

The Journey Begins

September 1st, 2018. Backcountry festival at Falls Creek.

Its months til winter. But we’re starting to plan the first Australian backcountry festival.

It has grown out of World Telemark Day gatherings that have been happening at Mt Hotham in north eastern Victoria each September.

This year we have moved to Falls Creek resort and broadened the focus to cover all forms of human and gravity powered backcountry travel, including telemark skiing, split boarding, cross country, snow shoeing and alpine touring.

The day – to be held on September 1st 2018 – will feature clinics and sessions covering ‘all things backcountry’, with a party at night.

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